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Custom Thermostat Application

A specialty pharmaceutical company was receiving a new indication on an existing product. Both the physician and patient audience would be different from those for the existing indication. The challenge was to create a campaign that would spark excitement for the new indication and differentiate it from competing products while also ensuring the new messaging and imagery fit within the existing product branding.

We worked with the client from the ground up, helping create key messages based on clinical data and establishing a distinct positioning in a market with several other players. We included KOLs in focus group testing of the creative concepts, which not only promoted the new indication but also demonstrated how the positioning and creative execution complemented the existing indication.

The full campaign included a multitude of print and digital materials, including a core visual aid; fact sheet; full product website; interim website; dosing, training, and reimbursement guides; emails and banner ads; speaker deck; speaker portal; booth panels; medical illustrations; video support; and more. Ongoing website support in the form of updates and monthly analytic reports help guide future initiatives to ensure the product messaging continues to reach both physician and patient audiences.